I totally forgot about the blog post

Hey Steve! (The “Hey” is casual and friendly although we have only met once or twice- the exclamation mark is to pretend I am super excited but I am not particularly excited about any email correspondence)

I totally forgot about the blog post (I didn’t forget- I passive aggressively failed to answer your last email because I was dreading doing a blog post. I made a couple of haphazard attempts to start the blog post while standing around doing nothing at work but then spent most of my free time working on a separate residency application). I am currently driving back from NC and probably won’t get to the blog post until after this weekend (I am not driving so clearly I have 5 hours to bang something out). I have to work all weekend so I might be able to start something Monday evening (actually I have four hours of free time Saturday and Sunday evening but I will be surfing the net, watching Netflix, and avoiding doing emails/grants/scheduling/blog post type things at all costs).

I did have a couple of questions about the “lie” subject we were given (this won’t be a question but rather a request sort of thinly veiled as a question). Do I need to write about “an old lie”? (I would rather write about something else) I don’t know if I have a amazingly interesting “old lie” story to write about (if I have to do a blog post I prefer to write about whatever I want). I am more interested in maybe writing about decoding everyday lies or the subtlety of lies in casual correspondence (I want to use this subject because I thought of it while writing a response to your email- I thought it might be cute and most importantly, easy). If you want us to stick to the subject we were given it’s completely no problem- just thought I would ask! (Again I really want you to let me just write it like this since I already started. Also I am not excited or overly friendly but I am hoping my exclamation mark will convince you that I am laid back and totally fun!)

Also wondering if you want us to include a photo inside of the blog post (how long does this thing need to be and if I include a picture can I write less)? I will probably put a picture of something that relates to what I am writing about like this one:

maz blog photo(This is an road trip-eyeball-selfie. Is it convincingly artistic? Probably not since I just shot myself once in a shaky car. It kinda looks like I have no chin…)

Anyway I will start working on some ideas and try to get back to you Monday night (I won’t work on anything- this is the most I plan on writing about the blog). Or if you prefer you could use this email- ha ha! (I would suggest doing so- I am really gonna drag my feet on this one- also I am not being funny I am quite serious).

Anyway, I am sure I will see you around more during the show. (Will I? I am not sure what you do for RLP since I saw you at, ahem, one single rehearsal). Looking forward to the show! (I want everyone to see my amazing kick-ass dancing).

(I prefer my last name to my first- there are a billion Megans)


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