Summer Inspiration #2: Joe Goode Performance Group

This summer took me (Gina Hoch-Stall, choreographer) all across the country for dance conferences, workshops and performances. Here are a few of the things that most inspired me.

Joe Goode Performance Group: Also while in San Francisco at the Dance/USA Conference I was lucky enough to see a dance company that I have been hearing about for years: Joe Goode Performance Group.

“You use text? Have you seen Joe Goode?”

“You do interviews? Have you seen Joe Goode?”

I felt like it was definitely time to see what this modern dance innovator has been doing on the West Coast for so many years. I booked my ticket, ran from my twenty-minute-late bus and sat down just in time to watch one of the most gripping, evolving, enlightening dance performances I have ever seen. Original set design, multimedia, use of text, original music–composed and designed–but none of that mattered compared to the content: stories of people falling apart.

I giggled, I teared up, I was ready to jump on stage and join the performers and, best of all, I remembered that modern dance can be a truly remarkable experience.

Click the picture above for more information about Joe Goode Performance Group.


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